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6 Must-Try Experiences in Naivasha

6 Must-Try Experiences in Naivasha

Whether youre looking for a spot to spend a weekend out of town, a camping trip, a team-building venue or a safari experience, Naivasha has something for everyone. Located just 1 hour 40 minutes or so from the capital Nairobi, its easily accessible by locals and tourists alike. Theres so much to do in Naivasha. Here are some experiences that you cannot afford to miss.

1.Boat Riding on Lake Naivasha
If you want to see the crocodiles and hippos up-close, a boat ride on Lake Naivasha is just what you need. Bird watchers will particularly love this part of the Safari as the lakes ecosystem hosts hundreds of bird species. From the hippos and crocodiles basking in the sun to the eagles and herons flying overhead, the boat ride experience is one to remember.

2. Cycling at Hells Gate National Park
Do you want to challenge your squad to a cycling race? Hells gate, Naivashas most popular National Park offers an 8 kilometer fun-filled cycling track. Along the way youll get close up views of gazelles, zebras, warthogs and such hoofed animals. The rocks, cliffs and gorges offer the most scenic views. And you dont have to worry about bringing a bike to your safari; you can rent one at the entrance of the park.

3.Zip-lining in Kereita Forest
Naivasha’s marvelous greenery is from an aerial view a sight to behold. In Kereita Forest, you will East Africas longest zip liner stretching 2.5 kilometers long. The adrenalin of gliding 150ft high over the giant canopies is simply breathtaking.
Here you can also take part in paint balling, mountain biking, team building, camping and so on. If youre looking for group activities, Kereita Forest should be at the top of your list.

4.Walking Safari in Cresent Island Game Sanctuary
You probably didnt know that we have an island in Naivasha. Well, the secret is now out! Cresent Island gives you a front-row view of a wide range of animals including impalas, elands, zebras, waterbucks, giraffes, just to mention a few. The animals here are accustomed to human interaction; you can get close without worrying about an attack. Guests are however advised not to stay out past 7pm as the lake Naivasha predators come alive at night.

5. Racing at The Great Rift Valley Circuit (TGRV)
If youre up for some adrenalin rush, the TVRG should be your next stop. From kart racing, archery to zip-lining, here the thrill never ends. Whether youre going alone, with your squad or with family, TGRV will keep you on your feet all day long. With meals and accommodation included in the package, this is one resort in Naivasha that you cannot afford to miss.

6. Dip in Olkaria Geothermal Spa
Enjoy a therapeutic swim at the geothermal spa whose naturally heated pool is one of a kind not only in Naivasha but also in Kenya. The minerals contained in the water, particularly Silica and Sulphur have been known to have a detoxing and curing effect on the body. A separate pool is available for kids under the age of 8, making this Naivasha resort ideal for the whole family.

This list is by no means comprehensive of all the magical experiences that Naivasha has to offer. Naivasha is that gift that keeps giving; theres always a new adventure to explore. One day is simply not enough. Fortunately, thats where Peppercorn Resort come in. We offer holiday packages for individuals, families and groups; so you can explore Naivasha to your fill.

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